Global Vision Direct Limited is a British company operating from the heart of Westminster, City of London.
About the Founder:

In 2010, Amit Basu set foot in Britain with nothing but hope and a tier-one entrepreneur visa. This land, with its rich heritage and open arms, soon became his cherished home. Graciously, Britain offered him a canvas where he could sketch his dreams and contribute to its vibrant economy. Even as an alumnus of esteemed institutions like the London School of Economics and Oxford University, and with two decades of rich experience under his belt, Amit remains a student at heart. Collaborations with notable names like Goldman Sachs and Oxford University’s Säid Business School serve not as badges of honor, but as humbling chapters in his ongoing journey of learning and growth.

Circular Clean Energy Vertical:

A commitment deeper than just business. With the transformative power of green energy, we aim to impact both the masses and the underprivileged. Ground-breaking technology and collaborative R&D efforts with top research institutions set us apart. We’re not just imagining a green, inclusive future; we’re committed to creating it.
Harnessing the transformative power of green energy, we’re committed to revolutionizing the lives of the masses and underprivileged communities. Through ground-breaking technology, fuelled by our collaborative R&D efforts with world-renowned research institutions, we’re shaping a sustainable future. Our aim: to roll out eco-friendly products tailored to everyday needs, ensuring no one is left behind. Our promise is a brighter, inclusive tomorrow, where innovation meets sustainability, and every individual taps into the endless potential of clean energy. Together, we’re redefining the future.

Artisan Furniture – E-commerce Vertical:

In 2010, a fervor was ignited to reinvigorate North-Western India’s artisanal heritage. Today, that passion has evolved into a global platform, showcasing the unmatched craftsmanship of artisans and weaving their legacy into the tapestry of global communities.

Step into the opulent world of Artisan Furniture, where artistry meets global ambition. Our linear supply chain, a testament to our meticulous dedication, originates from our state-of-the-art greenback factory nestled in the historic city of Jaipur, India. From this heartland of craftsmanship, our creations journey to well-structured fulfillment centers in Ipswich, New Jersey, and Lich, ensuring seamless delivery across the UK, USA, and Germany.

But we’re more than just artisans and wood; we’re innovators. Employing cutting-edge AI and ML technologies, our Artisan Furniture marketplace is a digital marvel. This platform effortlessly connects the soulful work of our artisans to global businesses, creating a symphony of tradition and technology. Dive in and experience a world where timeless craftsmanship waltzes with modern innovation.


From being featured on Forbes,  to the prestige of B Corp, certification, every honor fuels our ambition. Teaming up with a Harvard alumnus to revolutionize carbon footprint optimization and champion artisans economically showcases our bold commitment to sustainability and community at its finest.


More than just profit, it’s about profit with purpose. Anchored deeply in community, innovation, and sustainability, we aim to blend heritage with a clear vision for the future. Our legacy isn’t just in what we create, but how we impact – bridging global artisanship with the promise of green energy and contributing wholeheartedly to the British ethos of community, sustainability, and purposeful prosperity.